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"Gaylene's Kitchen" The Heart and Soul of 

the Redgum Restaurant by Night
  the Redgum Café by Day

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redgum restaurant

Walk through the big red door to experience genuine country style home cooked food, prepared on site fresh every day from Gaylene's Kitchen. 

Cafe for Brunch: Sun 10.00am to 3pm

Family Restaurant: Fri, Sat, Sun 6.00pm to late
(booking only, 4hrs notice can be done, 24hrs plus guaranteed)

Group Bookings for Private Restaurant available anytime - 7 days a week

Bookings always open to:
Groups, Clubs, Businesses, Organisations, Bus Tours, Family Gatherings
Brunch, Restaurant, Conference / Meetings, Workshops etc...

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redgum restaurant Redgum Cafe

 Redgum Cafe salmon dish Cheese cake redgum cafe

australian fodder group

Australian Fodder Association had a Buffet Dinner for 46 in the Redgum Restaurant

Australian fodder conference redgum Cafe

 If You Make a Booking We Will be Open :)

Redgum Restaurant wild flower family

Dandaragan restaurant Gaylenes Kitchen

  • Booking Essential
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  • Group Dining options are a private room for up to 16 (pic above)
  • B.Y.O. Free Cork Service
  • coffee
  • Be waited on with a Generous "A La Cart'e menu" in the elite Redgum Restaurant (please dress accordingly) Tables for 2 - 4 - 6 or 8 (pic below, renovations still in progress)

  • Below is an example of Group or Function Dining for up to 50.

    Function for 50
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  • style dining
    Ring 0428 550 046 or e:mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Short Notice Bookings are OK if we are not too busy.
  • If just passing thru town you are welcome to select from our Buffet Menu as presented to In-House Guests.
  • (Buffet Style Below)

Gaylenes kitchen redgum village

Whether you live or work in a country town you should be able to expect real hearty home cooked food. The heart and soul of country living.

Unfortunately, in this day and age finding real home cooked food can be a challenge.
So many businesses chasing the customer’s dollar by delivering pre-cooked meals to cut costs. You can get that elsewhere and get it cheap. Nothing wrong with that, it’s your choice. But not here! 

The Redgum Restaurant through "Gaylene's kitchen" is offering you the closest experience to fine dining with real country cooked food:

  • B.Y.O and a bar area with free cork service available.
  • You don't have to dine in a country town with microwave heated plastic dinners. 
  • You don't have to dine at a pub / hotel.


Redgum Village offer various Dining services: 

▶▶ More Dishes here ◀ ◀ 

redgum cafe dandaragan

1 - Full Restaurant Service to Anybody who pre-books and would like to Dine in The Redgum Restaurant. (This is an elite dining experience, please dress accordingly)

2 - Private Dining Room for Groups or Organisations up to 16 with Full Restaurant Service

3 - Buffet from the Dining Hall as per the in-house menu for onsite guests

4 - With notice we can arrange a Dining Function for up to 50 seated guests with either a Buffet or Full Service.


You expect great food, you deserve it and you get it, right here guaranteed**

The beef  has been locally grown and packaged at a commercial abattoir.

The vegetables from the city markets delivered to the country based restaurant refrigerated and fresh from Matts Fruit & Vege delivery service.
"If it were any fresher it would slap you in the face".

This is where home cooked meals come to the surface and shine above the rest.
The meat is freshly cooked an hour before you eat it, slow cooked in the oven overnight and finished off through the day to be succulent and moist by dinner time.
The vegetables straight out of the cool room, prepared in the morning and left to rest at room temperature before slow cooking just before being served.

Keeping the flavour of the vegetable and freshness on the plate for you to enjoy.
As with country cooking there is the special recipe sauce or gravy to blow your mind and compliment the perfect home cooked meal.

This is real home cooked country dining that Gaylene has perfected.

For dessert, it’s very hard to go past the homemade apple crumble, created on the day from apples prepared yesterday and soaking up those secret ingredients.
The end result a mouth-watering flavoursome apple crumble you thought only your grandmother could make.

For Country cooking at its best, look no further than Dandaragan & Moora District Redgum Restaurant by night and the Redgum Cafe for a "Brunch" by day with onsite home country cook specialist Gaylene.

gaylenes kitchen redgum village

Want a Chai Latt'e ? As you see you can.


**Yes, even guaranteed by Gaylene herself, if it’s not to your expectation or more, then we don't want your money, we have to deserve your approval and only your pleasurable response is acceptable before payment.



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Buick Car Club Visit to Redgum

What does a bike or car club do over the winter months?

Would a winter club run two hours north of Perth be of any interest?

Don’t know if this gets your attention or not but if this sounds like an idea then let us make it happen.
Back in March we had the Buick Car Club call in overnight and a real BBQ, no not a sausage and a bun.

Buick Car Club at Redgum Village

We do the real McCoy … Steak – the juicy tender melt inn your mouth type, sausages that have more flavour than the standard scrapings off the floor trick and real meat hamburger patties.

That’s just the meat

Onions pre-cooked on the hot plate finished off on the bbq, a combination of soft and crunchy.

A real mix of salads, like potato with a green mix, a pasta dish, oven roasted sweet potato, pumpkin, white potato, spinach, sesame seeds dish and whatever else we feel like brewing up for you.

All prepared on site and cooked under the terracotta sails, laid out in the bain-marie to keep fresh and hot.

BBQ under the sails Redgum Village 

 If it’s too cold outside we can set it all up in the 99 person function room, laid out from casual to la de da, depends on your preference.

Functions Indoor Dinner Redgum Village

That’s dinner, then there is the all you can eat cooked breakfast, with the lot … bacon, sausage, eggs fried boiled scrambled or all three, bake beans, spaghetti, mushrooms tomato and hash browns, even bubble and squeak from last night’s leftovers.

 5 am Breakfast at Redgum Village Dandaragan

While having breakfast try and pick the names of the celebrities, actors and singers in the pictures lining the Dining Room Walls.

Worth a drive? After all you don’t need much of an excuse to go for a ride or drive for a club day outing.       

Your car / bike club or group of enthusiasts can take a drive up the brand hwy, turn onto a tourist drive from Regan’s Ford to Dandaragan, all bitumen and a nice winding road.
Call into an Accommodation Village, kick back, spin a few yarns and relax.

Off street safe and secure carpark.


  • 1.5hrs from Midland
  • 1.5hrs from Joondalup
  • 165km from Perth CBD - 2hrs

Buick car club redgum village dandaraganBuick car club redgum village dandaragan 

Dandaragan is a very small, safe town. Your cars / bikes will be safe with minimal outside attention, although my kids will probably hound you for a while.

If still interested, please contact us for more info or we can talk one on one.

The Buick Owners Car Club of WA seemed happy enough, probably should have got a testimonial or two from them.
If you want call their club president, I am sure he will give you an honest opinion.

I wont print that here without his permission but he is easy to locate.

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Smoke at the Village

Clean up time at Dandaragan's Redgum Village before the rain settled in. Raking leaves and more leaves and a few more. Great fun on a sunny but cooling day.

smoke at redgum village dandaragan

Then it rained and rained and rained. Must be good for the farming fraternity in the Moora Dandaragan District.

wet day at dandaragan redgum village

All in the space of a week. The sound of air seeders through the night would indicate the rain has settled in well and seeding is well underway here in the Dandaragan Valley.


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Waddi Wind Farm & Solar Plant

Waddi Wind Farm & Solar Plant - proposed project

Trustpower are investigating the possibility of developing the Waddi Wind Farm and Solar Plant located approximately 15 kilometres north-west of the township of Dandaragan and approximately 150 kilometres north of Perth in the mid-west region of Western Australia’s wheat belt.

Have a look at the new Waddi Wind Farm website, this article is based directly from it.


LOCATION:15 km north-west of Dandaragan

MAX CAPACITY 170MW (proposed)

Wind Prospect commenced development of the project in 2009 as one of two wind farm projects known collectively as the Dandaragan Wind Farm. In October 2015 Trustpower Australia Holdings Pty Ltd purchased the Waddi Wind Farm project (the project located to the north-west of Dandaragan) from Wind Prospect. The Waddi Wind Farm will be spread across 10,400 ha and and will consist of up to 57 turbines with and installed capacity of up to 170MW.

The Waddi Solar Plant would be located within the boundary of the approved Waddi Wind Farm. The project will include a number of arrays consisting of either static or tracking flat plate photovoltaic panels. The arrays will cover an area up to approximately 150 hectares, with an installed capacity of up to 80MW. The ultimate size and output of the wind farm and solar plant projects will be dependent on the market and technology type selected.


  • Project Site: 10,400ha.
  • Wind Farm: Up to 57 wind turbines and hardstand areas.
  • Solar Arrays: Approximately 80MW of xed plate solar arrays over an area of up to 150 ha.
  • Employment: Employ over 150 people during construction and will require 6-10 full time staff during its predicted 25 year life span.
  • Investment: $500 million.

Environment and Community

Environmental Benefits:

  • Generate enough renewable energy to power 80,000 homes. 
  • Result in 350,000 tons of greenhouse gas savings
by offsetting traditional thermal generation (equivalent to removing 90,000 cars from our roads per annum). 
  • Small environmental footprint than comparative forms of generation. 
  • The land can be rehabilitated to its original condition at the end of the project when all above ground infrastructure is removed. 
  • Minimal impact on the productivity of traditional farming activities. 
  • Additional fire breaks and improved access roads for fire fighting. 
  • Offsetting of environmental impacts where they can’t be avoided with net environmental benefits. 
  • Additional energy supply to help meet the growing demands in Western Australia. 


We are a power company that believes in being involved in the communities where we operate and in the places where those communities live, work, bring up their children and run businesses.

Therefore, we implement a variety of initiatives to benefit communities in project areas.

We developed our Lend A Hand Foundation in New Zealand in 2004 and have since rolled out the concept to four project sites, including Snowtown in South Australia.

The Foundation assists small charitable organisations and individuals by giving them a hand when they need it most, through funding, mentoring and the provision of goods and services.

We have also developed Community Connect, an online space for voluntary and not-for-profit groups and organisations. It enables voluntary groups to promote their initiatives, connect with other volunteers and obtain ideas and inspiration through the discussion and resource sections.

We also run community awards and support a recognised anti-bullying initiative.

New Zealand residents frequently see Trustpower vehicles out and about, because instead of trading them in once they have reached trade-in point, we donate them to charitable groups.

Goods and services register

Trustpower is committed to using local labour whenever possible. As we progress towards this financial close we will be seeking expressions of interest from locals with expertise in a range of fields.


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Corporate Events Rates

Full Service Accommodation & Complimentary Breakfast:

Corporate event guests get the serviced accommodation complimentary cooked breakfast as part of the Corporate Event.

Event can be a combination of the following:

  • Business Meeting
  • Team Building Activity
  • Conference
  • Team Training
  • Expo

Breakfast is from the Buffet in the Redgum Dining Hall
Mine Camp Style!

Accommodation from $80 p/p p/n twin or double share

Single Room Queen or King Single bed from $120 p/p p/n 


All Bookings by phone (08) 9651 4223

                       e:mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Soil Restoration Expo Dandaragan

Soil restoration seminar at the Dandaragan hall on march 23rd was preceded by a sundowner function at the Redgum Village function centre in Dandaragan.

 soil restoration function redgum village dandaragan

30 guests enjoyed a meal put on by Gaylene of the Redgum Village using local organic Dandaragan Beef supplied by the Cook family of Dandaragan Organic Beef.

 function redgum village dandaragan

The expo and organisation of the event was orchestrated by Christine Smith and a few helpers to ensure a successful evening and day was had by all.

soil restoration function moora

Looks like everybody enjoyed the company, food and atmosphere before the big day at the Dandaragan Hall tomorrow.

function centre redgum village dandaragan

A happy organiser 

 redgum village and dandaragan organic beef

Dandaragan Organic Beef, Suppliers of the evenings main dish. 

You could not get a better compliment than the supplier of the organic beef telling Gaylene she cooked the meat to perfection.


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Midlands Groundwater

Midlands groundwater and land assessment

This project aims to identify one or more 2,000 to 3,000 hectare area/s suitable for intensive irrigated horticulture within a broad 500,000 hectare envelope north of the Gingin irrigation district, encompassing the Moora Badgingarra-Dongara area.

Waterv Forv Food Dinner Hill Dandaragan

 This could certainly be the next big thing in the Dandaragan Region as per there website and information brochure. Link below. 

This has world potential proving once again the Dinner Hill Area is going to be a very lucrative piece of real estate.

The Irwin area near Dongara, and the Dinner Hill area to the east of Badgingarra and north of Dandaragan, have been identified for further investigation as irrigated agriculture ho­tspots.

These two areas have been carefully selected with input from a community reference group.

Information from The Midlands Groundwater Study Here

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Dandaragan The Sleepy Town Or Is It?

Dandaragan is a quiet small town 33 km west of Moora & 17 km inland of Cataby on the Brand Hwy. When driving through Dandaragan you can be forgiven for thinking how does such a small town exist.

Dandaragan WA

On the surface you would be correct because on a normal mid-week day you may see three or four cars driving through town at lunch time.
On Saturday afternoon and Sundays, you could use the main road for a cricket pitch or basketball court.

Looking closer you can feel genuine concern at the slowdown of the local existing mineral sands mine currently operated by Tronox.

But under the surface it’s a different story with these major projects in the Dandaragan Moora Region in planning stage and some already in construction:

  • The Cataby Cattle Abattoir – in progress stage now and expected to employ 300 workers in 2017
  • Dandaragan Camel Farm – Has first herd of camels on the farm now and milking expected mid-2016. This will expand to approx. 500 head of camels in 2017
  • Iluka Mine Cataby – plans for opening a mineral sands mine is still on the radar
  • The Waddi and Dandaragan Wind Farm projects regaining momentum now that the federal government is supporting wind power again.
  • Solar farm south of Cataby also gaining momentum and nearing a construction date.
  • Expansion and maturity of the existing Olive and Fruit orchards, employing in access of 200 staff regularly.
  • Drilling of the Warro Gas Field at Badgingarra with continual promising results.
  • The expressions of interest of arguably one of the best farms in WA, Yathroo is certainly an open topic of conversation. Will a local consortium re-gather the farm or will a large corporate body take advantage of the current cattle boom?
  • Dandaragan Organic Beef getting world-wide recognition

These are all major projects and will require construction crews with ongoing staff and casual employees.

There is strong Foreign Business Ownership growing in the Moora Dandaragan region with Farming & Horticulture.

There is also a high demand for local and overseas employees at the large citrus orchard between Dandaragan and Moora.
This could become a problem as explained in the Feb issue of the NV News about the proposed Government backpacker tax.

Other unique interests in Dandaragan are:

  • A star gazers paradise of clear night skies filled with billions of bright shining stars.
  • Gateway into the heart of the West Australian wildflower trail.

Did you know the Dandaragan time zone is the same as or within an hour of:

  • Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Hanoi, Bangkok, Jakarta, Osaka, Tokyo and Soul.

True story :)


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Redgum Village in 2016

The future of Redgum in 2016

Where do we think the future of the Dandaragan Redgum Village is in 2016? This is a great question.

On the surface the future or our goals for 2016 look rather bleak.

For a start there is the cutting back of staff at the local mineral sands mine. With many personal being laid off, locals and staff staying at the mine camp.
We have heard or more than thirty staff from one contractor alone have been laid off and closure of the northern dry mine has either happened or is imminent.

Locals from Dandaragan have been assessed and some are either staying on our taking up lucrative redundancies. From the sound of a few locals the redundancy is a great option.
This tells me the mine future is looking bleak and a case of don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, take your opportunities.

Whether the mineral sand mine winds down over the next few years or a takeover by a prominent opposition mine, the immediate future is uncertain.  A possible take over from an existing miner would make sense.  If they hold off and make on offer to buy out the existing setup whilst cashed up from an Irish deal being withdrawn, well once again possibilities are out there.

So what does all this mine uncertainty mean for Redgum in 2016? Sit tight see what happens and make ourselves available no matter what the outcomes. We are here to help out any way we can.

There is strong speculation the Carpenter Beef Lawson Angus newly formed company will be completing the building of the abattoir on Joanna Plains at cataby in early 2016.

If that is correct we would be inclined to think that Dandaragan could get a flood of workers over the next few years and construction crews could look at using Redgum for accommodation.

Looking slightly further ahead we would certainly look at helping out the abattoir management for accommodation for a number of staff required to run the abattoir.

Hopefully they don’t want to place hundreds of staff in a paddock of dongers at the abattoir, that would certainly be questionable.
One would think a camp set up in a local town would certainly be more appealing to staff requirements and a more hassle free environment on the farm. Once again time will tell.

Other future possibilities through 2016 are keeping in touch with what companies are requiring.
What I mean by that is offering companies options to suit readjusted budgets.
A few years ago we would offer our premium package of accommodation and meals with all the trimmings at a set price.
Lately however some companies doing major roadworks are seeking budget accommodation. This is much to the annoyance of their staff and goes against union policies about better conditions for the working person.

But what’s happening in a lot of cases is the employee being given a work away from home allowance. They then go find their own accommodation and meals. So a lot of the guys are sleeping in backpacker rooms, tents or even in their trucks eating noodles and pocketing the allowance given to them for living expenses.

It is our job to find this out beforehand so we can offer companies, individuals and sub-contractors both options. This is a challenge is finding the companies offering this option as it is not widely advertised.

All of this comes back to a slowing economy and cut throat pricing in order to secure jobs to keep staff employed. Not a good environment to be in but one we have to deal with to stay in business ourselves.

Other options for 2016 are to promote our function and conference centre.
We need to look out for companies that want a place to hold meetings and business gatherings.
It is up to us to offer opportunities and get companies and groups of people together to help make this happen.

Marketing Redgum is always difficult as a business or company needs to be working in the area to stay here. There are still plenty of projects and work happening in the Dandaragan Moora region but we need to diversify even more now than before so we can secure these contractors and individuals.

The last few years we concentrated on the top end contractor, we now need to still attract them but offer other affordable accommodation options.

That is what we are targeting for 2016 and beyond.

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Controlling Ants In A Commercial Environment

You are an accommodation provider / school gardener / business owner and your guests / kids / customers are jumping around brushing ants off their feet & legs.

This time of year seems to be just wonderful if you are an ant. For some reason there seems to be plenty for ants to do as the first days of summer approach.

The simple give away signs of ant mounds on the footpath and loose sand in the garden leads us to look a bit further and just see where these ants are traveling to or from.

The small sand castles on the path usually mean the ants are right there and have plenty of small ant holes all close by. These are not really a problem as they are very small ants and easy to contain with ant dust or a borax mixture. (Recipe for that here)

The more major problem is when you see the bigger ants in a line moving in both directions, some marching away from the nest and others heading back.

These ants are the ones that get into everything and are big enough to bite kids and annoy your guests. They trail from rubbish bins, kitchens and bedrooms in fact where ever they can find some crumbs they will make a trail back to their nest.

How do we get rid of these hard working little fellas without poisoning kids, guests and customers? Plus we dont want to see ant powder trails all around an accommodation complex or school yard.
Remember too that most ants actually do a good job but they annoy us and our guests. They look bad and ant trails can go for over a hundred meters.

First thing I do is stand still and just look at a line of ants to determine which way they are marching. Simply walk slowly in that direction allowing the eyes to focus on the line they are making.

A lot of the time the line of ants will seem to disappear but as long as you are patient and concentrate on looking for ant movement you will see the line again. Even if they are in a bit of bush or rocks you will see the line of ants so just keep walking in the direction they are travelling. You may have to look a few meters ahead and side-ways from there, don’t panic you will find them again.

Eventually the activity of ants will get more noticeable and very soon you will see a mound with a hole that ants are diving in and out of. Look all around this area as there will more than likely be a few ant hills here and all close by. Most ant holes will be smaller than a five cent piece and likely have four or five holes close by. The mound around the hole is quite distinctive and if you jump up and down a bit the ant activity multiples very quickly.

The best time of day to find these ant mounds and nests is in the morning before it gets too hot. They are on the move early and easy to track.

What do you do when you find these nests? Some will be ten metres from where you first saw them on the pathways, and others will be up to fifty meters away. Either way no problem, a strong chemical mixture of ant poison works well. Just pour directly down the hole. Definitely better than any powders available and usually meaning the nest will be vacated quite quickly. By using a liquid directly down the ant hole there is no need to poison the track or pathways where you first saw them, they will head back to the nest and won’t return in a hurry. No guests getting poisoned or powder trails all around the place.

We do not recommend pouring petrol down the ant nest holes as this can be quite destructive when lighten up, especially this time of year, we don’t want a fire to break out.

Now keep in mind you will kill a lot of the ants but the rest will re-nest elsewhere, which is fine as we just want them to go marching off somewhere else, we don’t want to eradicate them altogether.

The smaller type ants actually help keep termite ants at bay so we need to keep a happy medium. We don’t want the ants get into our guest’s rooms and belongings but we do want the ants to keep those nasty little termites at bay. Plus they do clean up a lot of tiny food scraps, dead flies and bugs.

Just keep an eye out for ant trails and repeat until they head off to the neighbours property, and they will.
You can get some good brownie points with the neighbours by offering this simple advice, they will love you for days, until they realise you probably encouraged the ants to march there way, oh well.

Tracking ants is an art form and more so if you have bush, wood chips and rocks. This can make the art more challenging and more demanding but you will always find them.
Embrace the challenge and have a bit of fun with it, enjoy the reward when you find that big nest.
Just remember you are not there to kill them all off just redirecting them to greener pastures……

Hope this was useful and feel free to comment or ask questions on basic tracking and containment of ants.

We have plenty here in Dandaragan and keep them in containment not eliminated, that’s impossible.


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Transerv Energy Equity Research

Transerv Energy

Warro 5 & 6 Drilling imminent

Transerv energy limited is an Australian energy investment company with interests in West Australia.
Drilling has commenced at the Warro gas field near Dandaragan Badgingarra in West Australia about 180km north of Perth.

Information on Transerv and this project in west australia is here

The imminent drilling will determine the viability of the Warro field.
We expect the share price to run on the back of positive news flow in the lead up to drilling.

TSV’s Perth Basin permits cover 2,400km2 including the Warro gas field which straddles Retention Leases R-6/R-7, located 200km north of Perth and 31km east of both the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP) and the Parmelia Gas Pipeline (PGP).

Warro is a tight gas field with an estimated 3-4 Tcf of recoverable gas. In 2008, Alcoa agreed to a staged farm-in which includes a multi well drilling program to earn up to a 65% interest, (spending $100m minimum). To date Alcoa has earned a 43% interest and spent $53m on two wells and the acquisition of seismic surveys.

The Warro-3 and Warro-4 wells drilled by Alcoa were subjected to substantial fracture simulation and extended testing programs. While gas flows in excess of 5 mmscf/d were observed, persistent water flows interfered with the gas from the wells.

Post-acquisition of 3D seismic, an extensive review of the field by a team of USA experts led by K Shanley concluded that the wells were poorly located and water flows were most likely the result of intersecting large, deep-seated faults connected to a pressured deep water source. The review also concluded that substantial gas flows were possible if wells were positioned away from faulting.

As shown in Figure 1, the location of faulting (the blue linear features near Warro-3 & 4) is believed to be the source of the water that was previously encountered.

Full Article Here



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From past experience

  • A booking or inquiry needs Personal human attention

Company and individual needs vary:

  • We do check e-mails daily for those that prefer more specific detail.
  • We do follow up with a confirmation phone call.

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