Buick Car Club Visit to Redgum

What does a bike or car club do over the winter months?

Would a winter club run two hours north of Perth be of any interest?

Don’t know if this gets your attention or not but if this sounds like an idea then let us make it happen.
Back in March we had the Buick Car Club call in overnight and a real BBQ, no not a sausage and a bun.

Buick Car Club at Redgum Village

We do the real McCoy … Steak – the juicy tender melt inn your mouth type, sausages that have more flavour than the standard scrapings off the floor trick and real meat hamburger patties.

That’s just the meat

Onions pre-cooked on the hot plate finished off on the bbq, a combination of soft and crunchy.

A real mix of salads, like potato with a green mix, a pasta dish, oven roasted sweet potato, pumpkin, white potato, spinach, sesame seeds dish and whatever else we feel like brewing up for you.

All prepared on site and cooked under the terracotta sails, laid out in the bain-marie to keep fresh and hot.

BBQ under the sails Redgum Village 

 If it’s too cold outside we can set it all up in the 99 person function room, laid out from casual to la de da, depends on your preference.

Functions Indoor Dinner Redgum Village

That’s dinner, then there is the all you can eat cooked breakfast, with the lot … bacon, sausage, eggs fried boiled scrambled or all three, bake beans, spaghetti, mushrooms tomato and hash browns, even bubble and squeak from last night’s leftovers.

 5 am Breakfast at Redgum Village Dandaragan

While having breakfast try and pick the names of the celebrities, actors and singers in the pictures lining the Dining Room Walls.

Worth a drive? After all you don’t need much of an excuse to go for a ride or drive for a club day outing.       

Your car / bike club or group of enthusiasts can take a drive up the brand hwy, turn onto a tourist drive from Regan’s Ford to Dandaragan, all bitumen and a nice winding road.
Call into an Accommodation Village, kick back, spin a few yarns and relax.

Off street safe and secure carpark.


  • 1.5hrs from Midland
  • 1.5hrs from Joondalup
  • 165km from Perth CBD - 2hrs

Buick car club redgum village dandaraganBuick car club redgum village dandaragan 

Dandaragan is a very small, safe town. Your cars / bikes will be safe with minimal outside attention, although my kids will probably hound you for a while.

If still interested, please contact us for more info or we can talk one on one.

The Buick Owners Car Club of WA seemed happy enough, probably should have got a testimonial or two from them.
If you want call their club president, I am sure he will give you an honest opinion.

I wont print that here without his permission but he is easy to locate.

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